Jesus on Prophecy

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Can we understand prophecy?


Bible Prophecy is often misunderstood and misapplied which leaves many people confused or fearful, but when the Bible is studied in its proper context, prophecy becomes clear and understandable. There is no one we can trust more than Jesus, and His words will speak specifically to us as we study them in their simplicity.

The Book of Revelation is God’s message to our generation living in the last days, but it is also a revelation of the person at the heart of every prophecy, Jesus Christ (Revelation 1:1). Christ will reveal the true source of hope for our lives and a loving assurance of His future plans for you. Discover answers to these questions & more:

  • Is the Bible still relevant in a secular, post-modern world?
  • How can I find peace today and hope for tomorrow?
  • Does Bible prophecy speak to current world events?
  • Is the USA in Bible prophecy?
  • Who is the anti-Christ, and what is the mark of the beast?
  • What really happens after death?
  • What will happen when Jesus returns?